Silence of the Valkyries

Silence of the Valkyries, 2017, 4 Channel Video, (9mins)

Silence of the Valkyries is a four channel video work by Laura Cooper. It shows a man, a woman and the camera exploring the surface of sculptures and murals inside and outside of Oslo City Hall. The work is a result of a collaborative exchange between interdisciplinary artist Laura cooper and dancer Edwin Cabascango during a month-long residency at PRAKSIS in Oslo in May-June 2016. Through acts of play, encounter and intervention in specific sites through Oslo they challenged behavioral codes, prescribed movement, and expanded the parameters of their artistic relationship to place and to each other. This performance-to-camera work is the result one such experiment in the city, after Cooper asked Cabascango to climb and explore the giant naked female statues of Valkyries that stand outside the Oslo City Hall.

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