A Colour Poem For Hyesous’ Herd, 2015, Single Channel Video (6mins)

This Colour Poem is part of a larger project and installation made up of charts, video and sculpture called Nomadic Glow. Nomadic Glow attempts to record—in a
deliberately limited, schematic fashion—the elaborate naming system that Mongolian nomadic herdsman use to identify each individual horse in their herd, which is
based on their nuanced perception of horse coat colours. When visiting the Mongolian Steppe, I brought with me a range of industrial paint colour chips and invited Hyesous—a local nomadic herdsman—to match the horses in his herd through this limited selection of paint colours. The poem is the result of his selections. The voice in the video has been auto-tuned and restricted to a colour scale where colour tone corresponds to musical tone.




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