The Future is Soft — Research Images

Horse FOV (Field of View ) Diagram, 2019

A-Lure —Research Images 

Camo hands, screen printed fabric, 2018

Concert of A-lure, performance with Hermione Spriggs (2017) The Showroom London

Film Still from Lure (2017) Single Channel Video 28mins


“turkey”, shown with “duck” at East Side Projects, Birmingham, 2018

“duck” and “turkey” are part of an ongoing exchange between Hermione Spriggs and Laura cooper. The process begins with online Youtube tutorials made by hunters and trap-setters who re-purpose unpromising materials to communicate with other species of animal across seemingly insurmountable distance. Salvaging unwanted stuff from their respective localities, and re-appropriating what is to hand using similar techniques of crafty disguise, Cooper and Spriggs initiate a call and response between borrowed bodies and perspectives.

Sisters of The Scared Salamander — Research Images

Research Still, London Zoo, 2018