A Hunt

A Hunt’  Public Performance, Documentation Single Screen or Multi Channel Video and Sound Installation. 2011 (10mins)

Project Description.
‘A Hunt’ is a public vocal performance that functions as a sound intervention in the streets of Soho London. The project has resulted in several live performances, audio and video works and the print production of ‘A hunt’ the urban hunting manual. The name “Soho” derives from an old English hunting call, an adaption of ‘Seeho’ which in old hunting lingo means ‘seen a hare’. In ‘A hunt’, six female performers re-enact a hunt, communicating with their voices alone and the semi-linguistic sounds of ancient hunting calls. I have transcribed traditional beagle and fox hunting calls and stage a contemporary hunt with six female vocalist, who use this abstract human animal/hybrid language to hunt and find several foxes such as the ’20th Century Fox building in Soho square or the intrepid fox bar on Wardour street. A sound arrangement develops the hunting calls are juxtaposed with the preexisting urban sound environment and creating an alternative kind of hunting ritual.

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