Exercise Towers, 2009, Interactive Sculpture and Public Performance – Single Channel Video Documentation (11mins)

Exercise towers take s form of a video documentation of a sculptural performance intervention in a residential, market area of Central Bangkok Thailand (where I was doing a residency). It involved documenting the destruction of second-generation Bangkok traditional houses and shop-houses around the main Bangkok fish Market on Charoen Krung Road. This project was developed when the local people who had just loss their campaign to preserve this historic area in which the buildings were being demolished rapidly. I was interested to make an intervention engaging the local residents, giving them a an outlet or small way to seize control over this site. I built a Tower structure that resembles a giant Jenga game, which functioned in the same constructible / deconstructable way. We held matches playing the game with as a group in the demolished buildings next to their own (soon to be destroyed) homes and businesses.

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